Our results are driven by the experience and expertise of our people.

Consultants engaged at E-Cubed work as a team to meet and exceed the expectations of clients by taking proactive and innovative approaches to use economic tools to solve practical problems.

E-Cubed is committed to deliver quality professional experiences to its team members, working within an environment that encourages learning through different approaches.

Team members are valued for the perspectives that they bring and for the commitment and dedication that they show in their professional activities. E-Cubed is committed to offer flexible working arrangements to help in efforts towards better work life balance and environmental and climate performance.

It follows professional ethical standards in its activities and believes in a corporate social responsibility approach, consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, that starts with positive behaviours within the company and spans out to its clients and society as a whole.


Gordon Cordina

Dr. Gordon Cordina is a leading economist in the Maltese Islands, with a professional experience spanning 25 years covering banking, policy-making, academia and private sector consultancy. He has several years of Board experience in major financial institutions in Malta and has executive management experience in academia, central banking and public sector entities.

Through the private consultancy firm, he co-founded in 2006, he is involved in a number of local and international research projects and consultancy assignments with institutions including the EU Commission, Government ministries and authorities, NGOs and private sector entities.


Stephanie Vella

Dr. Stephanie Vella graduated Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics and obtained a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Malta in 2002. She has also completed her post graduate degree in Economics specializing in the Fiscal Sustainability – graduating with a dissertation titled ‘Determinant of Fiscal Sustainability: Establishing the role of economic fundamentals through a neo-classical growth modelling approach’.

She is an executive director in a leading economic consultancy firm whereby as an economic consultant, she has worked on a number of projects and consultancy assignments with institutions including the EU Commission, Commonwealth Secretariat, Government ministries and authorities and private sector entities.

In the course of her research and consultancy work, Dr Vella has accumulated significant experience in the assessment of policy and evaluation projects as well as impact assessments. She has worked in various policy areas including waste, energy, agriculture, social, transport and maritime.


Patricia Cordina

Patricia is the Company Secretary of E-Cubed Consultants. She is also administrator and accounts officer.

She coordinates the day to day running of the office, documentation and record-keeping, organisation of seminars organised by E-Cubed Consultants and accounting records and payroll. Before joining E-Cubed Consultants in 2011, Patricia also worked within municipal government, where she was also responsible for the organization of courses among other duties. Between 1988 and 1994, she worked as supervisor in the Advances Department of a major mortgage institution.


Victoria Apap

Victoria is an MSc graduate in Economics and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics from the University of Malta. Her honours dissertation research focused on the implications of regional devolution of taxation policy on economic performance whilst her MSc dissertation appraised the impact of Regional Development Agencies on the regional socio-economic development, both with particular implications to the case of Gozo. Her research interests include macroeconomic research and analysis, economics of islands and regions, fiscal policy and labour economics.

Throughout her studies, Victoria was engaged as a junior researcher with E-Cubed Consultants Ltd.


Bernice Amaria Gauci

Bernice is an MSc graduate in Economics and holds a B. Com (Hons) in Economics from the University of Malta. Her honours dissertation focused on deriving an estimate of human capital in Malta whereas her post-graduate dissertation involved an impact evaluation of a support scheme targeting small enterprises.

She works as an economist at E-Cubed Consultants and as a casual lecturer at the Economics Department of the University of Malta. She previously worked as an analyst at the Malta Financial Services Authority. Her main research interests include the labour market, welfare policy and public economics.


Amber Muscat

Amber has completed her studies towards a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics from the University of Malta. Her dissertation analysed the determinants of demand for a cable car system in Malta. For the past 4 years, she has been an intern at E-Cubed Consultants aiding with research and documentation in various projects.

Throughout the years she has gained a particular interest in the field of environmental economics.


Stephanie Bugeja

Stephanie Bugeja is an MSc in Environmental Sciences - Sustainable Development graduate, with a specialisation in energy and materials from Utrecht University and holds a Bachelor in European Studies (Hons) from the University of Malta. She supplemented this with a year-long course at Xiamen University in China, where she focused on developing her knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.

Her MSc dissertation comprised of an exploratory study on the Maltese Islands to analyse the feasibility and potential synergies of hybrid offshore floating wind and solar plants in small island states. Stephanie previously worked in the Maltese energy sector and has experience in projects regarding greenhouse gases, sustainable buildings, water and waste. Her research interests include sustainability and techno/environmental-economic analyses.


Maria Cini

Maria Cini is an MSc graduate in Economics from the University of Edinburgh and holds a B.Com (Hons) in Economics from the University of Malta. Before joining E-Cubed Consultants Limited, in 2014, Maria worked at the National Statistics Office (NSO) as a statistician under the Economics Directorate within the Public Finance Unit and later within the National Accounts Unit.

As an economic consultant, she has been involved in a wide spectrum of economic projects. she has worked on a number of cost benefit assessments, evaluation studies in relation to funding, economic impact assessments and macroeconomic research and analysis from a sectoral perspective including tourism, agriculture, maritime and environment. Maria is also a part-time assistant lecturer at the University of Malta, teaching microeconomics and macroeconomics.


Annabel Vella

Annabel is an MSc graduate in Sustainable Development and holds a BSc (Honours) in Construction Engineering. Her MSc dissertation focused on the marginal cost of intermittent renewable energy in isolated power networks.

With E-Cubed Consultants, Annabel has been involved in a number of projects mainly in relation to the energy, water, waste, environment and blue economy sectors. Her experience includes the carrying out of impact assessments for policy and regulations and cost-benefit analyses for EU-funded projects, as well as the development of operational research tools.

Her main research interest is environmental and resource sustainability within economies facing territorial limitations.