Economic Feasibility Assessment of the Commercialisation of Sports Facilities

Malta Football Association

E-Cubed Consultants provided support to the MFA in an economic feasibility assessment of the commercialisation of sports facilities. The main objectives of this study were to review the commercialisation projects proposed by the football clubs participating in the study, to assess the feasibility of commercialising sports facilities based on a consideration of the rate of return, to estimate the contribution of the proposed projects to the relevant football clubs and to determine the total net socio-economic benefit of the resources generated from the proposed projects and passed on to the football clubs. This study provided a holistic view of the benefits arising from the proposed commercialisation of sports facilities.


Cost-Benefit Assessment of ‘Encouraging Sustainable Waste Practices in Households and Beyond’ (SWP) Project

Wasteserv Malta (WSM) 

This project involved a Cost-Benefit Assessment (CBA) of a project developed by Wasteserv Malta (WSM) entitled ‘Encouraging Sustainable Waste Practices in Households and Beyond’ (SWP), the objective of which is to prompt the required societal behavioural change aimed at moving waste further up the hierarchy thus promoting a sustainable approach to waste management. The cost-benefit assessment serves as a basis for an application towards obtaining support for the capital investment of the project through Cohesion Funds (CF). The methodological approach followed in this study is based on the guidelines published by the EU Commission for the development of cost benefit assessments.